New Laptop: WiFi problem

Just bought the new Dell Inspiron 14R with the new Intel Sandy Bridge processor. It comes with the Intel Centrino Wireless N 1030.

For some reason, it is super slow at my university campus, or just dead all together. It shows the signal is at full strength, but when I connect the internet is really slow. I tried running a ping, and it shows me that its dropping packets -- 25% packet loss.

I then tried it in Safe Mode with Networking with the same results, which makes me think its not some software causing this.

I thought it could possible be the campus network, so I looked around, and the entire class is browsing the web.

I called Dell, and asked them to replace my laptop. They shipped a replacement, and at some point it worked OK, but now its been a day or two and its slow once again.

I have no idea what's causing this to happen. Is it a bad WiFi card? Maybe because this laptop is equipped with WiDi? I don't know, any help is appreciated. Thanks.
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Aaron TomoskyConnect With a Mentor SD-WAN SimplifiedCommented:
Sounds like your wifi is trying to go too fast. You can drop back to g, or limit to a 20mhz channel, or choose 5 ghz or 2.4 ghz only.
Another common cause of this is multiple access points on the same channel.
Tyler LaczkoCommented:
Probably just the university internet.

try it at a friends house or your own house.

check to see if your firewall is blocking things.
If you have AV software with a firewall turned on, make sure the Windows built in firewall is disabled. Also make sure you only have one AV software on the machine.
InfoTechEEAuthor Commented:
professionalcomputersolutions: It works fine at my house. This is only a problem at the university campus...BUT only with my laptop. Not only that, but I also tried a ping test on a friends laptop, and his wasn't dropping any packets at all.

aarontomosky: There are a multiple access point, one every 50 feet or something. I will try your suggestions and see if they help.

wantabe2: This laptop came with free McAffee which runs its own Firewall along with the Windows 7 Firewall. I'll try disabling the Windows firewall and we'll see what happens.
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