XP hangs after displaying Verifying DMI Pool Data...Update Success.

Hello, I have a built computer that has been working fine for about 3 years and just today I booted it up and during the boot process, the system hung immediately after displaying Verifying DMI Pool Data...Update Success. A flashing cursor is displayed at the bottom of the screen. System specs:

AMD Phenom Quad Core Processor
LanParty Motherboard
2 WD 150GB Raptor Hard drives set in Raid 0
PNY 8800GTS video card
2 DVD Drives

I have tried to fix the problem by resetting the bios, removing the battery and setting the clear cmos jumper, remove and reconnected all plug in cards, removed and reconnected hard drive and DVD drive cables and reseated the RAM. The raid array is displaying both drives properly and indicates the raid is functional. When the raid is enabled, I am unable to boot into a Windows CD and therefore cannot get into Safe mode or boot to a Windows disk. If I change the bios setting for onchip SATA type from Raid to native ide, I can see both hard drives and both DVD drives but I am unable to access Windows or my data.

So I am basically stuck at the moment and would like to recover some data from the raid if possible. Thanks
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Unless there is damage to the hard drives, you can get your data back using data recovery tools.  Pull the drives and you can use tools like getdataback from runtime software to recovery your data.

As for the pc, can you check the mobo for bulging or leaking capacitors?
imo you can try this recovery software :  http://www.runtime.org/

more  info :  http://spench.net/drupal/resources/raid0

were you running raid 0 without backup ???
With RAID enabled, you can't use the usual recovery software, runtime's included.  Runtime does make a raid reconstructor tool, you'd need that http://www.runtime.org/raid.htm

If you can slipstream the motherboard RAID drivers into a live live Windows XP with Service Pack 3 boot CD, perhaps a recent Knoppix boot CD for instance, that should be able to see the drive content when raid enabled in BIOS.  The boot xp CD you are trying doesn't have the needed drivers included on it.

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agreed with ocanada, it's raid re-constructor that you use first, then import that recovery into getdataback
CoastalcomputerAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your input. I do have a slipstream XP SP3 disk already created for this board with the raid drivers embedded but alas, the boot process does not get far enough to run the Windows disk, memory testing or others. Since I am unable to boot to a CD/DVD while the raid is enabled, I will try and pull the drives and recover the data using some of the tools indicated. I will report back as soon as I get some results. Thanks
could be a mobo problem then...or a disk is so bad blocking the option
To confirm, why aren't you just pulling the drives to do the recovery?  If the goal is to get the data, isolate it from the original system (remove it) and then operate on it.  As 'nobus' said, there could be other variables at play here (mobo or otherwise).

I've used RAID Reconstructor to rebuild the array and then GetDataBack to get the files, and it works well....
CoastalcomputerAuthor Commented:
Information pointed me to the correct utilities to recover the data but not repair the operating system
CoastalcomputerAuthor Commented:
I was able to pull both drives, attach them to a separate computer and then used the Runtime software Raid Reconstructor and RAID Recovery for Windows, I recovered any newer data that wasn't included in recent backups. Low level formated both drives and recreated the raid-0 array and reinstalled Windows anew. The original cause of the problem is not clear but I suspect that one of the Sata cables connected to a hard drive may have become loose due to vibrations and this could have caused problems. I have replaced both Sata cables and everythings so far is running fine. Thank you to all for the input and assistance.
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