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HP Laptop will not come on

A customer brought me this laptop that the hinge screws had come loose and the touch pad buttons had multifunctioned, so I purchased a palm rest with the touch pad, replaced it, fixed the hinges, and when I attempted to run the laptop, the lights came on, the fan runs, but nothing comes on the screen.  I plugged in an external monitor but nothing will come on the external monitor either.  
     I took the motherboard out of the laptop, unplugged everything I could off of it and I still get the same results -- the fan comes on, the power light comes on, the wifi light comes on, but I get no video on the external monitor.  I unplugged the cmos battery, waited about 30 minutes, plugged it back in, but that did no good either.
     I did notice that the heat sink was plugged up with lint and dirt.  Can I assume that the processor has been overheated and therefore has quit working? Or should I look at something else? I seen that ebay has a used one for about $50.00.  Would it be worth spending that much money to see if that would fix the problem? Or is the motherboard bad too?
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you cleaned the cpu fan and heatsink?
it may also need fresh heat paste on the cpu
what you can still try is : remove battery and AC adapter
hold pwr button for 30 sec
 then reconnect and test
if the above does not help - either cpu or mobo failure - only possible to say which by replacing it
beemmerAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your answer and help.  I am going to order the cpu and try that first and hope that will fix it.
no problem, and if yiou have more questions - just ask !
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