Limit Bandwidth by Router Port

I have taken over a network where the issue is they have a T1 with a local network as well as a few Wireless routers for Public Access.

I have been requested to limit the bandwidth going out to the Wireless Routers but to limit the multiple wireless units under the same cap of 25% of the network allocation.

Any suggestions on limiting this with a router since the current config is using a cheap router which has no QoS or limiting features.

The idea is to use a router with multiple interfaces and connect the wireless into 1 interface with a switch to handle that traffic and then another switch port on the router for local network use which allows the other 75% of traffic to then be linked into the local switch.
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Aaron TomoskySD-WAN SimplifiedCommented:
Something like a sonicwall can do this for about $600. Anything with dd-wrt (open source router firmware, check the site for compatibility) can do this for less.
Draytek routers have this feature built in and are they are reasonably priced US site found here if you want to retain the cheap router, you could use one of their firewalls. Don't know much about the sonicwall, but I've found the drayteks simple to use and configure.
cyexxAuthor Commented:
I have used the sonicwall option in the noc a few times but yes dealing with one of those price clients so cheaper the better which is why I was looking around
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