Routing between VMs between more than one physical servers

We are going to prepare a Lab Test Environment in our company.
We want to have this setup isolated from the production network (it will contain DCs). The isolation can be done by the Virtual Network I believe.
We want to have the VMs on 2 physical servers, and the communication between the VMs should be only between the VMs in these 2 servers. Is this possible? how?
Keeping in mind that we want to be able to access the VMs from the our production network.
Appreciate your support.
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You have conflicting goals of isolating the VMs from the production network and being able to access them from the production network. What you can do is isolate the VM network from the production network, and access the VM consoles from the production network. for complete network isolation, connect a NIC from each host to a separate switch or VLAN. Create a virtual network on each host and attach is to that NIC. DO NOT share the NIC with the host. Attach your VMs to that virtual network. Connect to the VMs using the normal Hyper-V management tools. You will not be able to RDP to the VMs from the production network.
gupisoneAuthor Commented:
One statement I didn't understand: "DO NOT share the NIC with the host". How?
Andrew Hancock (VMware vExpert / EE MVE^2)VMware and Virtualization ConsultantCommented:
You could also use a virtual router on a floppy.

and use it to route traffic between Production Network and Lab Network.

You also don't mention a specific virtualisation platform, because VMware have a product called VMware vCenter Lab Manager™ which does exactly want you want.

Because it can fence, servers from the production network. But it could be overkill for your requirements.

You want to leave the check box cleared as shown in this screenshot. This prevents the host from using the network adapter for its own traffic.
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