Exchange smtp/pop clients attachments blocked

I'm having a problem with some of my Exchange users. Problem is as follows::

One user is configured to use 4 mail accounts, the users setup on the workstation is set to pop/smtp instead of exch connection, I know this is not ideal.

This same user sends out mails with attachments on a daily basis without any problem, however, in the last 2 days the user has been unable to send attachments to other users on the same Exch server. I have tested it with all 4 accounts that are used and same result, if the user sends to an external person (gmail for example) the mail is received with all attachments.

Any suggestions?
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DJMohrAuthor Commented:
No size limit on mails, as you mentioned the default in 20MB the mail being sent is 300kb.

Not sure there are any space restrictions on the exch, if you mean disk space, we have over 1TB available.

is there a space limit on mail and attachment size ? By default it is 20 mb.

Or it might be a space restriction on the exchange server itself ?
DJMohrAuthor Commented:
restored user to use mailbox instead of pop/smtp, attachments are being received now.
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