RDC to a workplace moves the desktop icons about in Windows 7

Could you please help me on this,

When a computer at work (Windows XP) is accessed via VPN and RDC (from Windows 7 laptop)  all icons are moved about (so as it was displayed on the  laptop) and then the work pc had them moved in the same way

I would be grateful for any advise.

Many thanks
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Wheneever you change the display size, the desktop is re-arranged. When you connect with an RDP client it sets the desktop size on the remote computer to the size of the session you set in the RDP session.

So if you want a full-screen RDP session then yes, you need to have the resolution on the laptop set to the same resolution of display on the remote  PC. If this isn't posssible click the options button on the RDP connect box, choose the "Display" and adjust the slider as per the screen shot

 RDP Connection
Make sure that you set the RDP session size to match the size of the display connected to the remote machine. You get the same problem if you plug a laptop into an external monitor with a different screen size to the internal one.
RemapAuthor Commented:
Do you mean set up the resolution size to match both monitors, the laptop and the office work?
RemapAuthor Commented:
That really helps. Many thanks
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