interactive points on a Flex Chart

Hi, I can't for the life of me find any examples similar to this say

BUT, where the points on the lines are effectively draggable buttons, so the visual position of the lines can be altered.

Anyone any ideas?

Thanks in advance
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Well ... go to "tour De Flex"
And search for "redar-chart" ... there you will find exactly the component you posted a link to besides 3 others.

I doubt you will be able to find something like that, so you will have to implement it yourself. A good starting point would be a good component that simply doesn't offer the dragging part and to extend this to your needs. For this you need a component that comes with the source-code (Or really good documentation). I know Elixir comes with the source-code and is pretty extendable, also the component you referenced comes with code in the OEM-Package.
SideasAuthor Commented:

Cool thanks, I'll start there.

Cheers, Paul
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