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We have a Win2k8 R2 running IIS, serving purely a Symantec management console.

At the moment, in a web browser, the servername resolves to the ISS logo & 'servername/symantec' resolves to the Symantec manage console.

What we would like to achieve:

1. Only be able to access IIS resources from the localhost, i.e. RDP onto the server & access it locally using 'localhost/symantec' and it to not be accessible by any other machine on the network.

2. Configure Apache on the same server to operate on the local network, on port 80, as a company 'intranet'.

I would appreciate any help or advice,
Roger AdamsAsked:
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Kruno DžoićSystem EngineerCommented:
Kruno DžoićSystem EngineerCommented:
and I think for question number 1, answer will be

set the IP address restrictions on the directory security tab for the site.
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