Website Migration but can only see site externally off network.

Hi EE,

We have recently had a new website created and we have all our web traffic redirected to this new site.

However it work fine if you outside the domain network, but as soon as you try and get the site internally it seem to always hit the old website. Now it been 2 weeks (been on holiday) since we changed over so dns propagation should be easily sorted now.

Anybody have an idea how i trouble shoot this issue.

Thank you

Ross TurnerManagement Information Support AnalystAsked:
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Leon FesterConnect With a Mentor Senior Solutions ArchitectCommented:
Your internal DNS and external DNS wouldn't neccesariy be sync'ing.
I'm guessing that you're most likely running an internal DNS server with a split DNS residing externally.

Run "NSLOOKUP" and check that the IP Address returned is pointing to the external site.

You can also verify the DNS Server IP from the above command.
If it's an internal DNS server, then you'll need to update the DNS records yourself.

Since it's working externally I wold assume that the ISP has their DNS configured correctly.
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