create in image of my hard drive (so I can easily load all files to a new drive on another computer)

I would like to be able to create an image of my hard drive and have the ability to load the image onto another drive (in another computer) so both hard drives have the same data (and same applications installed). The only complication is that the target drive that I would like to make an image out of is 1gb (of the 1gb, less then 50 gb is used) and the drive I would like to load the image to is smaller, its only 500 gb. So does anyone have any suggestions as to what software to use? I don’t mind buying software if it works good, so if anyone could recommend the best program to use please let me know.

ps- The OS is xp, sp3 (32 bit)
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PartedMagic is free, contains cloning and imaging tools and also tools with which you can resize partitions.

There are several issues you first have to take into account though.

What OS are you running and which manufacturers do the PC's come from? Most PC's have their Windows OS preinstalled from the manufacturer, and those are usually OEM versions of the OS. These OEM versions will only run on the PC they came with, if you try it on another PC from a different manufacturer there will be licensing issues. So if you try such a clone on the other PC things may not work.

A further thing you would probably need, particularly after the first clone, is use another utility with which you can sync data between the 2 PC's. Cloning or imaging isn't suitable for that. The below Link should help for that:
Take a look at Norton Ghost 15 I have used it in the past and it works quite well.
There was a minor discrepancy preventing my previous post from making the cut...Nonetheless, there are options rindi mentioned BartPe in the e-mail message I received, which I have used with success...

If you're looking for an easy solution, get Ghost, it will allow you to do so much more that cloning in a ton less time.  Trade off is expense.

If you're looking for a long-term solution to imaging, and gaining other useful tech-tools, build your own image with BartPe and include your favorite utilities (licensed of course). Trade off is tech-time!
hydrive1902Author Commented:
Using XP, ghost works great! thanks for the ideas!
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