Mini PCI-e 3G + GPS with Active Antenna

Hey All,

I've been experimenting with the built in GPS units on a few Mini PCI-e Modems (Sierra 8790, Opion Gtm380).

My real bugbear is that the GPS antenna interface is shared with the Aux 3G connector, and it doenst supply the neede 3.3v to power an active GPS antenna.

Active GPS antenna's are definately the way to go, but the limitation seems to be that these cards doent support them. That leaves me with the optin of only using a Passive antenna.

I have the option of using a Bias T to inject & clean the 3.3volts - effectivly we can adapt an active antenna with this but I really would preferr a neater solution.

Has anyone heard of a Modem / GPS combo that would support an active antenna out there. Its been a real difficult googlequest!
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HappyCactusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I know that Telit's modem (and modem modules) support both active and passive GPS antennas.
But I do not know if it solves your issues or fit into your requirements.
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