Windows live mail 2011 demands login

One of my customers has windows Liv Mail (WLM) that he uses with a regular POP3 account.

It has worked fine but suddenly he gets a mysterious login dialogbox when starting WLM.

This is a Swedish language installation so I translate it to English here.

"Log in at Windows Live Mail
Your windows live services vill be updated to match all changes that you make when you are logged in."

This is followed by user name and password.

It looks like WLM wants us to log in at windows live. There is only one regular pop3 account configured on this machine. Could the customer have inadvertantly installed some extra function in his WLM?

The cusatomer has no windows live ID and is not interested in getting one.

I look forward to your ansvers
Göran Wester
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jcimarronConnect With a Mentor Commented:
GoranWester--Since WLM 2011 is already all set up on my PC with no need to log in, I do not want to uninstall and revisit the steps I used and mess it up. That is because I do remember I had some problems early on with having to to continually login.
I do not use MSN or Hotmail.  
However, I feel I remember that on the login window there is an option to "Remember the password" or something like that.  There may also be an option to "not ask me again".  I used whatever options were offered to avoid having to login again, and it seems to have worked.  I suppose it could also be that a cookie has been set to avoid logging in.  
If I remember anything else, I will let you know.
GoranWester--I am surprised to hear that your user was able to use WLM without having a Windows LiveID.  I do not think I had the choice, but it has been some time since I installed WLM.  Could it be that the user has recently installed WLM 2011 after using an earlier version?
However, once you set up WLM 2011 (with a Live ID) you do not have to log in each time unless that is specified in the set up.
I do not have any answer to the issue of "Your windows live services vill be updated to match all changes that you make when you are logged in."
Perhaps if you set up WLM to not require log in each time WLM is opened, the message will go away.

GoranWesterAuthor Commented:
Hi icimarron,

Well I have set up at least a hundred WLM 2009 and 2011 all using regular POP3 accounts and I never got a request to log in with WIndows Live ID. Of course if you use a hotmail or MSN mail account it is another matter.

Anyway, I put in my personal LiveID login and it worked.

How do you mean by setting up WLM to not require log in. I can not recall having seen that option or option to require login for that matter?

Best regards
Göran Wester
GoranWesterAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the help,

I will install another WLM next week and I will keep a hawk eye on anything that comes up.

I will keep you informed on anything I find out.

Best regards
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