How do I make the ruler in Word 2003 not disappear when I close Word

I always have to click on View > Ruler to get my ruler to appear in word after I have closed the application and then reopen at another time.
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thepcwizardConnect With a Mentor Commented:
That setting is saved with the file.
Try opening Word with a blank document, turning on the ruler, and then closing word.
If it is not saving, then the may be corrupt.
Try renaming that file.  It will be in your templates folder.
To find out its location, Tools / Options / File locations.
A new file will be created if you rename the old one.
Two more obscure settings that can affect the display of the ruler in documents:
1. In Print Preview, enable the Ruler (View menu, Ruler).
2. In Tools, Options, on the General tab, clear the checkbox for "Provide feedback with animation." Having this checkbox selected causes the ruler to autohide.
helpdesk_venAuthor Commented:
Thanks, renaming the seems to have resolved the problem.
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