Word 2010 sticky tooltips bug - solve how?

I have a problem with a bug with Word 2010. Quite often tooltips or whatever they are called don't disappear. If they are big they obscure a lot (even if Word isn't in the foreground) and the only way to get rid of them is to restart Word. This can be frustrating. In the screen shot at http://www.benkenward.com/untitled.jpg you can see that there are two tool tips, the "Markup Area" to the right and the "Ben Kenward commented" in the middle. The one on the right got stuck.

How do I fix this bug?
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Did you try turning the tooltips off. If not here is link http://www.officetooltips.com/word/tips/turn_on_off_document_tooltips.html

I hope this help
If you switch to Draft view and then back to Print Layout view, does the tooltip disappear?
amorphia78Author Commented:

It doesn't even disappear if I close the document. It is stuck there until I close every single open Word document.


amorphia78Author Commented:
An acceptable workaround, thanks.
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