Framework for data related services

I am searching a framework for data services. Site will be accessed mainly through Ajax and WebService calls.

Programming Language is no limitation. The only requirement for the framework is that is has to be Lightning Fast.

Please suggest me something?
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Ray PaseurConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Interesting... What exactly do you want the framework to do, besides be fast?  In my experience frameworks (Zend, CodeIgniter, etc) are somewhat the opposite of fast, often requiring numerous HTTP requests and file loads just to put up a simple "Hello World" web page.  

Maybe the right thing is to write your own framework with the objective of speed.  That strategy has worked well for me.  I use my own framework for most of my web development.  It is about 50K of PHP in a single included file and it handles all the basics you need to produce a web page or web service, simultaneously covering all the basics of session, form validation, data base abstraction, etc.  
Ray PaseurCommented:
If your framework needs to be fast and needs to be responsive to Ajax calls you have a bit of a contradiction in terms.  Ajax runs at the speed of the client browser, so the speed is out of your control.   Any server-side technology can be fast on that end of things.  Both Yahoo and Facebook are PHP machines.  Other technologies include Java (not JavaScript) and CFM, however Coldfusion is less popular than it once was.  There are more.  A lot of the answer depends on the way your data base is structured.
mayank_negiAuthor Commented:
Thanks Ray for the insight.

Data will cached, most probably using Lucene. The confusion in terms of settling on a framework has been caused by the overheads that framework have. I would not like the framework to become a bottleneck as every millisecond counts when waiting for an ajax response.

I would help if you could suggest a couple of frameworks worth evaluating.


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