Insufficient permission to access drives in my WORKGROUP even tho I see them

I have a number of Windows 7 Home premium 64-bit computers set up in a Workgroup. Each computer has a static address assigned to it in the router. They are set up to allow netwrok discovery, sharing etc. in the Workgroup.
I have a desktop computer with 2 drives (C: and D:) that I can see -- i.e., see that there are such drives, not what's in them -- in my Network Neighborhood BUT not access.  When I click on either drive, I gte a message "Windows cannot access //Office-pc/C: .You do not have permission to access this drive. Contact your network administrator to request access."
I can;t figure out what's possibly wrong. Please help me set up "permission" to access my own network drives.
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JordanlcnConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Normally this is very simple to setup.  but I do have some experiences that they fail.  To cut the long story short I just simply didnt do it this way.

What I did was.

1.  Create a new User with the same access as the one you are using on the PC that will be sharing.
2.  Then Share the Folders/Drives you want to share.
3.  On a PC that will be accessing the Shared folders just use the new User name and Password.

I know its not ideal but it hasn't failed me yet.  I avoid having to put in the password from time to time.  Just map the shared drive.
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BarozAuthor Commented:
Homegroup doesn;t work for some reason -- never has.

Anyway, I prefer a workgroup because I don't want all the files on my laptop visible to everyone on the network so I don;t set them all to share. But I do want to be able to see/copy/change everything on my desktop "Office" computer from my laptop.

I never had a problem seeing these drives when the computers were both running XP Pro. It;s these darn "permissions" that seem to be causing my problems, at least based on the notice Windows gives me as to why I;m denied access.
BarozAuthor Commented:
Jordanicn -- sounds promising, I just didn;t exactly understand what you're suggesting I do.

When you say "create a new User with the same access as the one you are using on the PC that will be sharing", I don;t know what you mean by "with the same access"?
Can u pls clarify?

Do you mean using the same user name as I use on my laptop?
 Does it need the same password since my laptop is exclusive to me so it's not password-protected (it stays at home)? If so, is no password OK?
If not, what exactly do you mean?

xmlmagicianConnect With a Mentor Commented:
same access levels and access to the same folders

he means to use a the new user account to all laptops or pcs when you connect to the shared folder
JordanlcnConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Basically this is what I Do.

With the following assumptions.

PC A = The pc that will act as the File Server or Has the shared folder
PC B = Is one of the PC that will connect to PC A shared folders
PC C = another PC that will connect to PC A shared folders

1.  On PC A create a new user account (ex. Share or Public) Make it admin (though unsecure but for the benefit of ease of use and easy setup only).  Remember to put a password on it.
2.  On PC A go the folder you want to share and share it.
3.  On PC B got to networks and find PC A.  Double Click on it and put in the new user name and password.  Click on save Password.  This will give you access to PC A shares.
4.  Right click on the share and map it to a drive (ex. Z)
5.  Do the same with PC C.

Though the above is unsecure there are other ways to make it so.
JordanlcnConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Oh Forgot.  Make sure all PC are on the same workgroup.
BarozAuthor Commented:
Thanks! I'll try (everything is already in the same WORKGROUP.
xmlmagicianConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you can always map them by IP address. Give them all static IP addresses and then shared the folder and after that you can right click on my computer select "map network drive", choose the letter type in the \\\name of folder and that would do it
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