Need to find secure LDAP field.

I am looking for a field in Active Directory that only Domain Administrators can view. I would like to do this without modifying the schema. My goal is to put my user’s employee ID in active directory.
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All fields can be queried by any user, you would need to change the scheme to add an additional field that only you knew what the name was.
Hi ntccps

By default each user has control over their own object in AD, this is by design so they can change password etc... Also AD is read only to everyone so all fields are viewable.

I have two questions:

1. Who are you trying to hide the info from?
2. How do these users view AD information?

ntccpsAuthor Commented:
I am not worried about the user being able to query their own information. I just need a field I can use that is not query able by all domain users.
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