Cisco 3310 MSE without WCS

Is it feasible / functional to use a Cisco 3310 MSE (Mobility Services Engine) via CLI without WCS?

All of the documentation that I'm reading points toward initial configuration via CLI, then administration via WCS GUI.
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Depends. My view of WCS is that it's benefitial as a central administrative point if you have numerous AP's, LWAPPS, ect. If you don't already have a WCS and are talking about one appliance. Just manage it through CLI. If you already have a WCS, I don't see there being a reason not to manage it through WCS. You would then at least have two options of how you want to  manage it.
c-h-r-i-s-t-o-p-hAuthor Commented:
We do not have a wcs.

We have hundreds of APs that we plan to convert to LAPs and put behind our new wlc's.

We also have a mse. Which has received initial config and is intended to perform wireless ids/ips.

Are there any decent cli config resources for the 3310 mse? It appears to just be a linux box at command line.
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