VOIP phone cutting out (aastra 51i)


i have an aastra 51i voip telephone that was working fie but now cuts out after about 3 seconds on incoming calls.

outbound calls seem to be working fine.

i have rebooted the phone and this is still happening

does anyone have any idea of what might be causing this or which settings on the phone i should be checking.

other phones are working fine but they are all polycom 320 handsets.

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drzackzussConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
it is ok it would seem that a reboot of the router and then the phone has resolved the issue.  thank you very much for your help though
It could be that you are having QoS problems, depending how your VOIP is setup you may need to add QoS priority for the VLAN traffic that your phone is using. If it is on the same VLAN as your regular data network, you might want to separate the traffic, so they are no longer on the same network.
What is the VoIP system and firmware version on the 51i?
drzackzussAuthor Commented:
before following other instructions i stumbled across the solution myself
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