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I have an internal user who's not receiving emails from a different internal user and I can't seem to figure out why. Neither have any blocked senders in their outlook spam software.

It only seems to be emails between these 2 users.

User A can send an email that User B receives
User B sends an email and User A never receives it

The message leaves the one user and gets to the server since I can copy myself on a test email and I get it but the other user does not. Replying to an email does not get received either.

I'm at a loss. Anyone have any ideas?
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Chris MillardCommented:
Do they have any Outlook rules set up that could be causing it? What about if user B sends an email and requests a delivery receipt?
Have you tried OWA is the user having issues in Cached mode?
dak11Author Commented:
Tried through OWA and the problem remains.

There are no rules on the sending machine (I'll check the receiving one) but I'll give the delivery receipt a try.
dak11Author Commented:
Looks like ti was a rule issue on the receiving machine.
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