Outlook 2003 - Can't keep the formatting toolbar on

We are running Outlook 2003 on windows xp.  In a new mail message window, we can go to view | toolbar and then check the formatting toolbar.  It stays on for every new message we make until we exit outlook.   If we exit and then return to outlook, the formatting toolbar is gon and it has to be selected again.  

How can we get the formatting toolbar to stay up?

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Brian GeeCommented:
Try this as a fix...

Close Outlook. Then go to the path below:

C:\Documents and Settings\<<login_ID>>\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook

Rename outcmd.dat file to outcmd.dat.old. If you cannot see the .dat file extension for this file, go to Start > Control Panel > Folder Options > View tab > uncheck Hide extensions for known file types.

Restart Outlook. Some of the toolbar customizations may revert to defaults, but you can easily set them back and hopefully your Formatting toolbar in new emails remains after applying this fix.

southrayAuthor Commented:
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