VB .NET String Manipulation

I have the following phrases for example:

This is a test for wordA.
This is a test for wordB.

I need to grab the phrase before wordA OR wordB.  So my output for both sentences would be "This is a test for".  I need it to look for both wordA and wordB, grabbing the phrase before either word.
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Mike TomlinsonMiddle School Assistant TeacherCommented:
You can use the plain old Split() function.  Everything before your word will at Index 0 (zero):
Dim word As String = "wordA"
        Dim str As String = "This is a test for wordA."
        Dim values() As String = str.Split(word)
        Dim phrase As String = values(0)

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You may use String.SubString, start at position 0, and your max limit will me the IndexOf("wordA") or IndexOf("wordB")
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