when I try to create or delete a 'usr' I get error message : file system is full

I cant add or delete users and dont know how to deal with this problem..one error message told me that spwd.db was full? please help...
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liddlerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Don't try and delete users until you've got some space back, the problem with editing config files is if there is no space left the file can become 0 length and you will lose all users.

First try and find what is filling the disk
cd /
du -sk * |sort -n
To show which directories have the most in them, then it's a case of navigating down the fuller directories and repeating the du command until you find something you know you can delete.
Once you've made a bit of space, you may want to compress and or archive, things like logs and monitor the server to be alerted when the disk starts to fill again
What type of system is this?  How full is the filesystem?
Sanjay SantokiCommented:

Be sure you have enough free space on the system partition as well as on the partition which contains sysvol folder.

Once You can give a check with restarting the server as well.

Sanjay Santoki
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solunatecAuthor Commented:
this is freebsd7 : this is an error when trying to remove a user: please give me exact directions if you can, on how to fix this I dont know much:...thanks.

/:write failed, filesystem is full
Removing user (eperez): mailspool home passwd
/:write failed, filesystem is full
pwd_mkdb: close: No space left on device
pw: passwd update: No such file or directory..

if I do df I see that this device is super full:
filesystem          1k-blocks             Used               Avail         Capacity           Mounted
/dev/da0s1a      507630                499902           -32882       107%             /

...also if anyone knows some resources or good book on dong freebsd maintenance....
my var fille up yesterday also and stopped the mail server...I got rid of the ports files
but I dont think that is good practice..I dont need to add anything more to this server but
...need to learn...

solunatecAuthor Commented:
when adding told me that spwd.db was full...
solunatecAuthor Commented:
ee.core is huge..anyone know what it is...I have been using ee lately...
core is a memory dump that you may use if you are debugging something, assuming you are not doing that (or that a support company has not asked for it) delete any core files
solunatecAuthor Commented:
thanks a bunch that got da0s1a down to 79%..from 108%...going to keep looking..by the way already asked but anyone know of a frebsd or bsd book, site etc. dedicated just to maintenance etc...
Not as such, I've only looked after the odd BSD server, and I just apply general unix and linux principles - though that won't help if you're not already a linux admin.....
Generally I'm always happy with O'Reilly books, you might want to consider installing freebsd on an old PC, in VMware or as a dual boot on a PC and get some hands-on practice
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