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SBS 2011 Server Installation

My setup is one server running sbs, exchange, and hosts a website. The necessary ports are open via nat. 80, 443, 25, 110, 22, 21

I am currently running 2003 Exchange 2003 server with no problems. And I have attempted to install Small Business Server 2011 as a fresh copy and I am having major issues. I do not like the Migration Feature since there is no backup plan and you have 21 Days to finish it. What I did is installed 2011 as a new Install. I wanted to setup the AD structure with a mydomain.com. And Microsoft forces you to install as mydomain.local. I went along with the setup and it was smooth. Until my users are complaining that they are not receiving mail at all. So I looked into the problem made an adjustment to the hub transport and they started receiving emails. Then I get another complaint that their emails are not going out to other domains and they are rejected as spam. I looked at the header information and realized that it is saying this email is sent by ComputerName.DomainName.local.

So I figured that I should run dcpromo to promote the domain but because of the CA services I was unable to do this. I removed the CA and ran DCPROMO and setup the domain name correctly and restarted enabled the CA again rebooted and then it tells me my license is counterfeit which it is not and explorer does not launch. The server is functioning but I am unable to make any adjustments. The email is also still down!!! At this point I am thinking about going back to my sbs 2003 VM. I would try the migration but I think if I am having this many problems already then I would be without my backup plan. I purchased SBS 2003 and now SBS 2011 and Microsoft wants to disable my current system after 21 days even though I have purchased licenses. This is insane that they setup this server this way.

I have reinstalled the system over 2 times now with 2 separate issues.

DHCP has to run on 2011 sbs I turned off the service and it took forever to start up even though my firewall appliance manages the DHCP

The email is unable to route to outside networks and the hub transport is configured via Microsoft. The main problem is all email is routed via mydomain.local

My ultimate goal is to get 2011 up and running with exchange working properly.
Any assistance is welcome. Thank you for reading.
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You can specify the domain name to use with in exchange itself, on your send and recieve connectors, on Outlook Web Access and for the OAB site. Try adjusting and see what happens.
bmwnyrichAuthor Commented:
I have adjusted the name that the domain uses but it seems to be tied to the DC. When I send out emails I get this error: 550 this email has been rejected by this server. I tried emailing yahoo google and hotmail and a private domain. On my 2003 server I do not have any problems at all.

Cliff GaliherCommented:
Quit trying to out-think SBS. reinstall (as uninstalling the CA and dcpromoing breaks SBS in an unrepairable way), use a .local name as required, then RUN THE WIZARDS in the post-install to-do list in the SBS console. They set up exchange to properly send and receive email using external info. Since you mention manually tweaking exchange to receive email, it is clear at least one wizard was skipped.

bmwnyrichAuthor Commented:
Thank you all for your assistance. I did a reinstall and this time I created an unattended key and it resolved the problem. It allowed me to install the domain with the .com as I wanted. Sometimes you have to walk away from it and come back to it.
bmwnyrichAuthor Commented:
I have figured out the answer.

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