Keeping Track of Data on a Report

In VFP I run a SELECT on Orders....

Then another SELECT * FROM cQuery WHERE cQuery.Order NOT IN (SELECT SentOrders.Order FROM SentOrders.DBF) into Cursor cNewRA

IF Count > 0
Select SentOrders
Append from dbf(cNewRA)

I run this every hour and with the hits I get I comare to the DBF from the last hour and if any new ones I can Email that out with the new orders
nothing happens until the next hour it runs

My question is how do I code this in SQL Server r2 so it can have a Table to store SentOrders and I can compare the new SELCT to it every hour and if there is new records send in EMAIL and update the SentOrders Table

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jaymz69Author Commented:
Looks like what I need.

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