strange sendmail question

I have run a sendmail server for 10 years now and however I try I can't seem to completely remove the feature where it starts rejesting connections on a certain load average.

I actually want to set these values super high or even remove them.

I say a strange question because it sounds obvious but strangely is never seems to be obvious!

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Jan SpringerCommented:
Backup your and files.

In /etc/mail/ you will see these lines:

define(`confQUEUE_LA', `20')dnl
define(`confREFUSE_LA', `40')dnl

with possibly different numbers.  Insert 'dnl' at the beginning of the line so that it looks like this:

dnl define(`confQUEUE_LA', `20')dnl
dnl define(`confREFUSE_LA', `40')dnl

Save your changes and run:

make -C /etc/mail

ps awx|grep sendmail | grep accept
  (get the PID)

kill -HUP <pid>
  (substituting <pid> with the actual number)

A typical Redhat based server (RHEL CentOS, Fedora) will use instead of kill -HUP:
  service sendmail reload
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