Copy Calendar Entry to new date in Sharepoint

I am using the calendar in Sharepoint and want to copy an event to multiple days.  These days won't follow any easy pattern, so I can't easily set the 'recurrance' feature.  I'd like to just copy and pase the whole event to a new date, as I can in Outlook.  Is there a similarly simply way to do so?

Thank you.
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Vontech615Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Under Actions you can export to Outlook and enter your dates this way...  Then it updates to your Sharepoint site.  
Try using the data sheet view of the even list.
JaniceKristinaAuthor Commented:
I don't seem to have an option for a data sheet view.
JaniceKristinaAuthor Commented:
After some additional research, I have discovered there is no easy solution to this problem.  We have had issues with Microsoft Outlook deleting events off of shared calendars without anyone's knowledge, and so we would not choose to involve Outlook unless absolutely necessary.

This seems to be the only solution, after speaking with someone at Microsoft, as well.  So until a future date, we will look forward to further functionality being developed into Sharepoint.
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