Updating Multiple columns of a Table by selecting Multiple columns from another Table

I have a table T1 which has the following columns A, B, C and D.
I have another table T2 having these columns: P, Q, R and S.

Now I want to update the table T1, like this:
I will select the columns from the table T2, and update the columns of T1.

I mean, Column A of T1 should be updated by (Select P from T2),

Column B of T1 should be updated by (Select Q from T2)..

And so on..
Can anyone please help me, in finding the solution for the same?
Thanks in advance.
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Ephraim WangoyaCommented:
update T1
set A = T2.P,
    B = T2.Q,
    C = T2.R,
    D = T2.S
from T2 
inner join T1 on T2.PrimaryKey = T1.PrimaryKey

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