How to make a graph in Java using Netbeans?

How can I create a graph in Java using Netbeans? Most of the forum posting that I find on the internet that answer this question just lead to a link to JFreeChart which I wouldn't mind trying but I am on a tight deadline 24hrs and I would like some good advice on the easiest method to do this (I don't want to go 8 hours in the wrong direction).  I don't mind if it isn't elegant I just need it to be able to graph two arrays within a project.

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for_yanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This is waht  this thing plots: 

But you know - very important to have exactly specific versions of jars - so
I could do it only with jfrechart-0.9.20 and most importnat jcommon-0.9.5.jar

Neither jcommon-1.., nor jcommon-0.9.1 would work.
Look, maybe it qwould work for you

JFreeChart is also simple, and there are many exmaples avialble:

They are claiming that this is one very simple:
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AdrianMEAuthor Commented:
Thank you again for the suggestions.  I am trying to create 3 plots and I have done so with Matlab so that I can check my results.  

@object - Is there an example using Swing that would work for a line graph?

@yan - I looked at the JFreeChart and it has a line graph would it generate this type of output?

Sample Output
7878967ghjkgg67493.PNG 789018790321423893.PNG
not aware of any simple line graph examples sorry.
shouldn't be too hard to adapt the code above.
With a line graph your just draw a line from each data point to the next so its actually simpler than a line graph.
AdrianMEAuthor Commented:
I think that could work for me but I am finding installing the JFreeChart very difficult.

I will try your suggestion and start a new question on installing JFreeChart.  

Thanks.  That will do the trick.

AdrianMEAuthor Commented:
JFreeChart is an excellent software.  Installing it can be a bit tricky but once you have it in the graph quality is excellent.
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