AutoCAD Civil 3D 2011 save as issue

Hi All,

I have a client who when he saves a drawing using the Save As function and then chooses a different location, the program will actually save to the original location and over write the current drawing. Does anyone have any ideas regarding this?
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i have noticed this problem as well and have found a work around that seems to help:

Run the save as command
in the Save Drawing As window you click on the desktop quick link on the left, or select desktop from the "Save in:" drop down
make sure to click into the the blank white area of the file listing area
if you do this correctly the preview on the right will go blank
click the save button

apparently this is a problem within AutoCAD that even if you select a new location to save the file it is still referring to the old location, which is why it is giving a preview of the file
does the program ask if he wishes to overwrite the file?

does the user have the latest service pack installed?
ccpjcAuthor Commented:
Yes, when he tries to save as to his desktop instead of the server folder where it was originally located he gets a prompt to over write the file, if he clicks yes then it saves in the original location instead

I will have to check on the SP
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