How can I use a SUM IF FREQUENCY formula with additional criteria?

Hello Experts.  I need your help again.

I have been using the SUM IF FREQUENCY formula with some success (see attached sample file).  I need help modifying it to take into account other criteria.

I am working with a large legacy report to extract summaries.  I have many duplicate entries.  Using the SUM IF FREQUENCY I have been able to count the quantity of unique entries (orders & deliveries – columns E & F).  Now I want to count the quantity of unique entries within each delivery (see column H).  

I also need help summing the quantity of pieces for only those unique entries (see column X).

Can you give me a hand?


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barry houdiniConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hello Gary,

<> is "not equal to" - that formula effectively just counts the number of times the item number changes.......

I still think it's 7 for have highlighted 7 values in red, i.e. H8, H14, H30, H46, H52, H58, H64, aren't you counting those?

This formula would count those 7 and would count each different delivery/item combination (even if items repeat in different deliveries. If you want order/item combinations then change Es to Fs


similarly you can sum by adding that range to the same formula, i.e.

barry houdiniCommented:
Hello gary

Shouldn't H73 be 7?

It's not clear to me if the item numbers can repeat in different orders, if not then I think it's quite straightforward, you can just count how many times the item changes, i.e. for H73


and for I73


regards, barry
garyrobbinsAuthor Commented:

I'm glad you noticed my challenge...  
Item numbers can repeat in different orders.  H73 should be 6.

What is the <> in your formula suggestion??

garyrobbinsAuthor Commented:

Thanks for the fast and accurate answer.

You are right -- 7 was the correct answer...  I realized that as I was driving home last night!  Thanks for catching it.

I am submitting a secondary question next to identify those entries that are duplicated.

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