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Hi, im pretty sure i configured the Room Mailbox properties correctly. I want a delegate to approve all requests for a conference room. I am not using the Powershell to do so, i am using the gui. I have delegated myself and checked the box to forward all requests to my email. I have given myself Full Control to the Conference Room mailbox. When i have a staff enter a test meeting for the conference room, i should get an email right away, but i do not get any email what so ever. I can however go the Conference Room Calendar and accept the meeting, decline it, etc.

How can i get the email sent to my Inbox as soon as a request is made?

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ckeshavSr. Infrastructure SpecialistCommented:
Give yourself Full Control of the the Mailbox and configure the Room Mailbox as a new profile(it will not ask for credentials)

Then in outlook You just need to use Tools-Options-Delegates and add the person who needs to get the meeting request.

Delphineous SilverwingGood Ol' GeekCommented:
If you setup the Delegate within EMC for the mailbox on the 'Resource Policy' tab, then it should be working and there must be something preventing the proper function.

Do you have automatic processing of meeting requests turned on in Outlook for your own mailbox?

In case you haven't seen this great site on managing resource mailboxes ...
This guide is in four parts and very thorough.
susnewyorkAuthor Commented:
You guys, i have re checked and i have full mailbox rights to the conference room, i am the only delegate under "Resource Policy". For both "In policy" and "Out Policy" requests, i have "All Users" selected. Under "Resource General" i only have 10 typed in for the amount of people allowed in the room, "Enable Resource Booking Attendant" is UnChecked!

I have logged into the conference room mailbox via Outlook 2010 and under delegate control I noticed that I was part of it, but there was not a check placed in the box "Send requests to delegates". I checked off that box and after having another colleague send a test meeting to the conference room, i still did not get an email.

Again, i can do whatever i want to the calendar itself no problem, but i am not receiving the meeting request emails submitted by my colleagues. I cant find much online...
susnewyorkAuthor Commented:
Im sorry, quick update... I realized i had rules for each of my Collegues, so thier meeting Requests were being sent to their folder folder under my Inbox. I was expecting the conference Room name to just show up and in the Root of my inbox.

I think i am all set now.

Thank you
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