- Maintainscrollpositiononpostback does not work

I am working with VB in VS 2.0 - please supply solution in VB.

Maintainscrollpositiononpostback does not work in Chrome or Safari browsers.

I have tried adding "MaintainScrollPositionOnPostback="true"" to the Page Directive, also
Page.MaintainScrollPositionOnPostBack = True in the code behind.

I read your solution and added the 2 registrations for Ajax (I cannot see them now so I am going from memory, but they were written just below the aspx source page declaration) but my project did not compile, the message said something like "cannot find objects to register".

Can you assist ? I would like the scroll position to be retained on postback for not only IE and Firefox, but also Chrome and Safari

Thank you.
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GregoryNelsonConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Thank you.  Can I ask further question s?

1)  I tried the first link which didnt work - I followed the advice of Max and mKamoski in the link and created a SafariFix.browser.xml file with those 7 lines but of course nothing was referencing it so presumably it just sat in the root directory and did nothing.  
Should there be references to it?  from where ?  what about RefID's for different browsers and versions?

2)  I did not try the second solution as I do not know JQUERY.  Should I just copy and paste into the aspx source code (html/javascript) page ?  Do I need any references on the top below Page Directive or anything ??

Many thanks for your patience

Greg Nelson
GregoryNelsonAuthor Commented:
Because this Q was open for some time and no-one was answering it so I thought I should close it.

In the end I had to differentiate between browsers, allowing mainstainscrollposition to apply to those browsers that accepted it and used control.focus (not really too good) form those that did not.
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