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My OS is windows 7.  Like anybody else I get a large amount of unsolicited emails.  I copy the senders to a database, then sort them so that there will be no duplicates.  Then export these emails as a text file and import them into Outlook 2007 for blocking these emails addresses.  But still some or many get thru to my junk folder.  Does this mean that the block function in Outlook does not work.  
Is there any other way of blocking these spam emails from reaching into my outlook.  My email account is with MSN.  thank u.
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Doing that process manually seems pretty counter-productive.  Outlook rules will work (most of the time), however, for some of these senders, there may be a slight variation in their email address which may look the same, but they're not.  Spammers do this for the sole reason of getting past static filters.

If Outlook is required, then I would recommend investing in an Antispam product.  Otherwise, you can check your MSN account online where more filtering options may be available to you.
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