message body lost when replying to Outlook Custom Form

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First post so bear with me...  
we have a few Custom Forms that are published on Exchange 2003 ( Time Off Request, Defective Equipment, Etc.).  My problem is after fiddeling around with the forms due to a DL change,  replies to the forms are not working properly.  I have played around and found about the reply action dependancy on the form to keep the form data.  but when I do that both the origenal message body test and the new test of the reply are lost..  If I leave the reply action pointing to Message rather that the form I get the origenal and reply text but of couse with out the from format at the top.  The only way that I can get the reply to work with the action pointing to the form is by clicking on save after I enter my reply test the hit send.


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I see you have outlook 2010 listed as the client
How old are these forms?
Were they created using previous verions of OUtlook, ie 2000,2003,2007?

If they were forms have to be recreated for Outlook 2010
Once they are created be sure to that both the Author of the form and all the recipients have a local copy of the from

Should work then
1GenAdmin1Author Commented:
Yes, These forms were created using 2k3 or 2k7 not sure.  If I  opened them under "Developer" in outlook 2010 and made changes is that sufficiant, or will they need to be made from scratch?  Also is there a developers guide for creating forms?

Sorry in 2010, forms must be completly recreated to avoid any incompatibility issues.

Q: " Also is there a developers guide for creating forms?"

A: "Not really a developers guide to creating forms but one of the best resources for Outlook Development I have ever found is

They have a great deal of info on creating custom forms on outlook

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