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VB string variable problem

I am receiving information from a C++ dll in VB

the info comes in BSTR strings.. I am receiving 5 variables at once.. everything is the same for all of them

except for 1 of them for some reason its receiving tons of jibberish after the info.. why is that?

when I Msgbox this string variable in VB it only shows the real info.. but when I output it to a log file it shows the jibberish

Here is an example... (Fun) is the real info.. the rest is the jibberish that is added

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käµfm³d 👽Commented:
Perhaps the string is not being properly null-terminated in the c++ DLL?
bail3yzAuthor Commented:
Heres the system

C++ dll gets info (I dont have full source to this dll) and sends it another C++ dll (i have source) .. this dll sends it to VB

middle dll code is show below

vbFunc2 is a callback function for VB

I do have the code for when tr->name gets filled.. and it looks fine to me.. but I am not very good in C++
I compared it to the other variables that are working good and everything seems the same

HANDLE GetRC(TClientPlayerRecord * tr)

        CString stringTemp(tempPlayer);
	BSTR temp = stringTemp.AllocSysString(); 
	return 0;

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bail3yzAuthor Commented:
Also in VB when I get the length of the variable.. it returns the answer discluding the jibberish

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