I would like to know what is 'ReflectionToStringBuilder'. when do we use it. I see usage like ReflectionToStringBuilder.toString.
Any ideas, resources,sample code,links, highly appreciated. thanks in advance.
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ReflectionToStringBuilder is a class which helps you to create toString()
method for the object which has many fields and you want
to combine their values into the String which will represent the insnatce
of this class

When ther are many fields - this may be tedious.
This class uses Reflection , i.e. java facility to analyze any class and discover, in particulr,
which fields it has and even determine thioer values for a particular instance
- so it is undertstandable that such facility can help you cretae toString()
method automatically rather than writing code manually

I think this gives a good explanation when you nedd this class:
Its for implementing toString() methods.
The toString() method is useful to have in your bean for logging to show the property values of your bean.
Instead of implementing it yourself you can use ReflectionToStringBuilder which uses reflection to determine the properties of your bean and return a string representation of the bean
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