spring collections

I was reading folowing line and I did not understand clearly.
Wiring collections

Wiring collections isn’t much different than wiring singular properties. Instead of
using <value> or <ref> elements, use one of the elements from Table Collections supported by Spring’s wiring
XML Type
<list> java.awt.List, arrays
<set> java.awt.Set
<map> java.awt.Map
<props> java.awt.Properties

I thought it should be not java.util instead of java.awt.
Any ideas, resources,sample code,links, highly appreciated. thanks in advance.
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collections classes are in java.util
there are no collection classes in java.awt (they are for gui)

also why aren't you posting in the Spring zone
It should be java.util, not java.awt
gudii9 -- what are you doing with EE?  You have questions posted every 4 minutes this evening.  And for the past few weeks you have been posting so many questions that it looks as if a bot is doing the posting.  Are you collecting answers for another project?
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