USB printer connect to network

i have a usB printer, but do not have a network port, is there any devic can connect the printer to a network printer
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Brian GeeCommented:
There are devices called USB print servers that allow printers that don't have internal NICs to be able to have network printer functionality. The only catch is, you will need to research the different options (manufacturers and models) available to which one(s) can accommodate your printer's make and model.

Some routers on the market have USB ports that allow the [router] device to serve as a print server as well.

As an alternative, you can always connect the printer to another computer's USB port and then share the printer over the network. The only thing is, you need to keep the computer (acting as a server, in this case) on in order to print to the printer this way.
You can purchase a USB 802.11n dongle and connect that to your router.  Upon set up you can play around with the settings on your router admin page and then send all commands to the printer directly.  You can also share the printer using a computer however this computer must always be running.
kianhowAuthor Commented:
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