thunderbird and ssl

I'm trying to get thunderbird to send email using ssl, using windows 7 and avast home edition.
receiving email is working fine.
I have verified that the smtp server is entered correctly, authentication is enabled, I have also tried without authentication, username and password are correct--verified using webmail. I have tried user name with and without the domain name. I have tried port 587 & port 465, I have tried no password, normal password, encrypted, NTLM, I have tried disabling the windows firewall. I have got it working using windows live mail 2011, but that really sucks. I can receive but not send. I'm stumped.
I forgot to mention that I deleted my profile, twice, and recreated it with no effect. I really could use some help here, I have appointments today and will be leaving by 8:30 am EST and will be gone all day. Hopefully I hear from someone before that.
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techieguy_1000Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I got it working myself, the ticket was to use starttls instead of ssl/tls.  works great now!
Avast could be interfering. Temporarily disable antivirus check of outgoing mail and test.

If no joy, what account are you using?  If Gmail, is the server  Is SSL enabled for outgoing server?

If using Gmail account or Google Apps account, Gmail may have locked you out.  Run Captcha to unlock
Google Apps Captcha

Normally SSL uses port 995, though perhaps your ISP (or other email host) wants something different. What host are you using? I'm not sure what you mean by "authentication is enabled" and "without authentication"; those aren't options if you select SSL/TLS as the connection security setting in TB. However, I see you later listing the various password methods that are offered with SSL/TLS, so I think that's not the issue. A firewall is not the issue if you can receive messages (a firewall works application by application, so if TB has any access externally, your firewall is OK).

What happens when you try to send? Do you get an error message, or does it just hang forever trying to send the message?
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ElrondCT, port 995 is for incoming server.  techieguy is asking about outgoing server, with is 465.
techieguy_1000Author Commented:
is it considered cool to accept my own answer and award points to myself?
ElrondCTConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes, it's definitely appropriate to accept your own answer when you solve it yourself. You don't actually get any points in that situation (to avoid people gaming the system), but the answer is then made available for others who may be looking for help in the future.
techieguy_1000Author Commented:
Solution was so simple, it was overlooked by all.
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