RDP Client still says RDGateway server certificate is expired

I have a Windows 2008 server running RD Gateway. It has worked fine for the past year. My GoDaddy UCC SSL certificate expired this week and I installed a renewed certificate that is valid until 5/4/2012. I followed the instructions from GoDaddy, installed the intermediate certificate using the MMC and the server certificate (using the request/complete CSR utilities) in IIS7. I set the bindings for all interfaces to the new certificate in IIS7. I then launched RDGateway Manager and selected the new certificate with the 5/4/2012 expire date. The RDGateway Manager says all is good

However, when I try to access the site with my off-site RDP client, it stall says the certificate is expired and when I view the certificate, it still shows the old one.

I have restarted the W2K8 server twice. Is the old certificate cached somewhere?

Any ideas?


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dcadlerConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
As it turned out, there was an ISA2004 server in place that alson needed the new certificate. I exported it from the RDGateway server and imported it into the ISA2004 server, then I assigned the newly imported certificate to the web listener associated with the RDGateway. This fixed the problem.
you need to install it on clients too
dcadlerAuthor Commented:
I solved the problem on my own. The issue was caused by a component I did not list in my problem descrition.
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