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I am curious to know if the BES can push password lockouts to users devices. so when the device goes to sleep, it requires a password to be accessed and not only when its turned on.

I want to use the BES to do this so that in the event a user disables this feature on their mobiel device, it will force the password lock to come back on.

it would require mandatory x number of characters for password rule as well.

can this be achieved?


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Rob KnightConnect With a Mentor ConsultantCommented:

The settings you require are as follows:

Device Only Items

Password Required: Yes
Minimum Password Length: 6, 9 or whatever length you require
User can disable password: No
Maximum Security Timeout: 15 [minutes] (for example)
Password Maximum Age: 30 days (for example) - make this consistent with your desktop policy
User can change timeut: No
Password Pattern Checks: suggest 2 (this can be used to enforce numbers, letters and special characters in the password)

Password Policy Group

Set Password Timeout: 15 mins (set this to the value of the maximum security timeout)
Set Maximum Password attempts: 5 (for example)
Suppress Password Echo: Yes
Maximum Password History: 15

Security Policy Group
Force Lock When Holstered: Yes
Resert to Factory Defaults on Wipe: Yes

Hope this helps - please adjust settings as required.

Happy to help further - please let me know.


Shabarinath RamadasanConnect With a Mentor Infrastructure ArchitectCommented:
Yes. You can achieve this directly through IT Security Policy.
You have separate settings for Enforce Password, Time out value, Wrong password threshold etc.

Create a new policy and assign few users to this policy to test it out before rolling out.
You will get the full features available on features on the below link.

Good luck
AncientsAuthor Commented:
awesome and thanks.

Ill give these ago on monday. but you are sure that means if a user can not disable the password on their device if I configure the above on the BES.

thankss again.
Mike SullivanConnect With a Mentor DirectorCommented:
Hi Ancients,

The policy setting mentioned by Rob which states 'Password Required: Yes' will enforce a password on any device attached to your BES. The users will not be able to disable this unless they wipe the device and reset it to factory defaults. As soon as they try to reconnect it to the BES, the password requirement will be enforced again.
AncientsAuthor Commented:
Thanks Guys, ideas and reassurance with clear instructions all helped very much.

RobM has provided good instructions for me :)
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