Setup is hanging, msiexec.exe hanging, Nothing installing successfully - DotNet 4.0, Office 2010

Hi Experts,

I need some advice.

I am having issues with installing Microsoft products at the moment.
I can't seem to get Dotnet 3.5 to show up as an Application Pool option in IIS, so I am trying to install this.  But it is apparently part of Win 7.
I tried installing Office 2010, failed twice.  msiexec hangs on and becomes "Access Denied" when I try to kill the process in task manager.
I am trying to install DotNet 4.0 again to "repair" as I have Visual Studio 2010 installed already (was part of it) This is also hanging.

I am running
- Genuine Windows 7 64x
- 6GB Ram
- Intel i7 930 2.8 Ghz

I have ran
- Virus Check (Housecall)
- Windows Update
- SpyBot S&D
- Hijack This
- CC Cleaner

Not finding the fix.
Any thoughts?

Craig LambieAsked:
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For a quick fix you can do repair installation. do not have to do clean install for this issue.

Also can try creating a new user account...restart the computer and login under the new account..check how things work in new account...might be a corrupt account that is causing this problem.

Have you tried running the setup with "Run as administrator" ?
Right click on the setup file and, from the drop down menu, select 'run as administrator'
Jackie ManCommented:
Try the following:-

1. Open an elevated command prompt (cmd)

2. run the command below.

    net localgroup Administrators /add localservice

How do you know if your security is working?

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Craig LambieAuthor Commented:
Ok, I have tried both these things.
Neither worked :(

This is the message I keep getting from all sorts of installations, something is corrupt I am sure, but I can't identify it.
I restart the machine if I can't kill the installer apps in the task manager then
it hangs on this screen
Jackie ManCommented:
Try to run .NET Framework Cleanup Tool from the link below. DO create a system restore point before you proceed with the fix.
Craig LambieAuthor Commented:
jackieman - I have actually already tried that with no luck.  I tried again, but nothing is happening.

I think it is something to do with the setup/ installer on Windows not working, or getting hung up/ corrupted.
How would one detect/ fix this?
Craig LambieAuthor Commented:
Here is log file from Cleanup tool just ran again. cleanup-main.log
First uninstall all security software like spybot, av, etc. Restart the computer and then run subinacl.

Also i would recommend running malwarebytes to check for any spyware.

Surely issue will be resolved.

Craig LambieAuthor Commented:
Ok ded9 I have tried uninstalling all the above and runnign subinacl, I think it had some issues even though I ran it from a CMD as administrator.  See attached cmd output. Result-of-SubACLin.txt

I also ran the malwarebytes software, it found a few minor issues, that wouldn't effect anything.

I think there is a serious problem?? I really don't want to have to reinstall windows, would love your help.
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