ms exchange internet email setup

I have just installed ms exchange 2007 and was looking over the internet how to setup it for internet email receive and send.
what i want to do exactly is this :

our inboxes are on other domain with linux server and cpanel software installed on it.
and now for example in outlook or thunderbird am seting up pop server like username+my linux have like 40 mailboxes like that
now i want to setup ms exchange which is installed on windows server inside company to get those emails so i clients in lan can can receive them locally from exchange server. instead of geting them whole time from cpanel..
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You want the internet email to go directly to the exchange server, right?

1.  Create a DNS A record for your Exchange Server.  You can use your Public IP address whatever it is.  I guess you should have a firewall, correct?  
2.  Change the DNS MX record to go to the A record for Exchange Server
Example:     MX   Preference 10
Note:  the trailing .  is usually required if your DNS is on cPanel.  just look at the existing DNS records and modify them and keep the same format
3.  in your firewall setup a Port Forwarding type of rule for the IP address (step 1) and forward port 25 to the internal IP of your Exchange 2007 server
4.  Check permissions on Exchange Receive Connector.

Here is a link about the connector

LaserAdminAuthor Commented:
No not directly
mail will still be received on server where cpanel is and exchange should pick them up from there
kinda exchange to act like outlook to pick up those inboxes so clients can pick them up from exchange
about your answer above
i have static ip and dns set before
and i don't know how to set A record never did it before nor i know where to find setings for it

OK.  You need a pop downloader program such as PopCon.
It will download from the cPanel server and then feed the email to the Exchange accounts.

There are many different POP downloader programs.  One with more features is from MapiLab company - but also maybe more cost.
You don't need to modify DNS in your case because you do not want to change where the internal mail goes first.

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LaserAdminAuthor Commented:
i get it now i think
is there any free solution,any free pop downloader?
LaserAdminAuthor Commented:
i tested some free ones but seems that is not much as i saw on those pop downloaders they all download email and smtp it to local exchange although i cant setup it to work that way also
Is there any alternative to ms exchange or any software that i can install on windows server that control lan in company just to recive emails from mailboxes from other server and make clients on lan get emails from it
or any step by step tutorial how to setup ms exchange server to do that
am full newbie to ms exchange and i need step by step instructions

help ...

Check out the SBS Version Of Windows which includes Exchange and has a built-in POP downloader function.

The PopCon website or the Mapilab website should have instructions for making it work with Exchange.

The PopCon program is pretty straight forward.
The basics are
1.  Set the Exchange server - where to send the email to
2.  setup the pop3 account(s) to download from and choose how to deliver.  I would suggest to individually put each recipient email address to forward to. You can look at other option later when you are more familiar with what is going on.
3.  Leave the default schedule, or just set a simple schedule such as every 15 minutes.

Did you check on the Receive Connector permissions in Exchange - see first post I sent.  It may be the case where Exchange is not accepting the email from the PopCon.  Permissions will need to be adjusted for anonymous.

LaserAdminAuthor Commented:
Not posible atm to change version of windows too many details need to be setup if i do that and i cant stop server even for half an hour not to mention more i need some free alternative with step-by step tutorial
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