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tracking and then Viewing email on exchange 2003


I've been  asked to see if a mail was recieved by us. All I have is the senders name, the recipients names and the subject and a window in which it was allegedly sent.

I've gone into system manager and down to message tracking centre and entered the sender, server and recipient info, I've put a date in for the last 30 days because we know it came in that time frame.  

when i do a search I get a couple of hits but I cant see a subject line in the message history window, and i cant then open the message to see if it is actually the one I'm looking for.

we've asked the sender to veryfy they sent it or to forward the original and basically they sent us a seperate mail with two .oft files attached. those oft files are the emails they claim to have sent, but there is not date and i can't view the headers of these oft files.

I need to be able to search on our mail server to see what messages were recieved from this person and then be able to open these messages or confim  that its the ones I'm looking for. any ideas? I know i can check with the recipients but they have already said they didnt get them.

or is there some way from the .oft file to get info on teh date sent?
1 Solution
faolchuAuthor Commented:
thats pretty much what i've done so far, i can go to the message tracking center i have located a number of mails from this person I now need to look at the mails to confirm if they are the ones he is claiming to have sent to us
Message tracking only tracks date/time/subject not content. If you want to see content you will have to use other means to find the e-mail. If you have a back-up systems that has the e-mails you could restore them but how depends on the system in use. We do brick backups with CommVault and so can restore indiviual e-mails to a PST.

If you don't have backups and the time frame is recent it might be worth checking the dumpster, so go into outlook on the mail box that receievied the accounts and check the "recover deleted items" menu. You might also want to enable the "dumpsteralwayson" flag in case the items were hard deleted from the inbox. Details here:-


If its not politicially possible to get access to the mailbox via the owning account you may need to set up a non-admin account (there are deny ACLs on various administrative groups so it needs to be non-admin) and give it full rights on the mailboxes in question. You cna then set up Outlook profiles on this new account put where the mailboxes are the primary mailbox and get access to the dumpster.

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