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Catastrophic failure of Delphi IDE during localisation


I have started localising a Delphi application.
The application has around 50 forms.
For all of them except one, no problem to "open" the dfm and start translating it
But for one, impossible to open : the IDE crashes with a popup "catastrophic failure"
No idea why, except maybe that this form is the "biggest" one I have in terms of file size (it contains around 50 Timage components
The stack trace is attached as well as the "guilty" dfm

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1 Solution
I doubt something' wrong with your Delphi iDE,
Try to save all dfm, dpr, pas and all important extensions that Delph manages, don't include the .res extension.
Install Delphi CD at the other computer, after installation, try to open .dpr, and compile or run it.
With that you will see where's the problem from.
LeTayAuthor Commented:
I found the solution to my problem
I did not realise that I already modified part of that "guilty" DFM for translation in english
I made a mistake on the caption property of a TLabel component
Instead of coding 'blabla', I coded blabla without the surrounding quotes and it now failed to reopen it
I corrected that and now it works

By the way, is there a way to only have the "real" properties that need translation (like .text, .caption) etc... displayed and not the others like those needing boolean data or numeric values ?
congrats, you've spotted the problem;
>>is there a way...
No, you can't,  there's no option for that, unless Borland wrote it some time ago.
LeTayAuthor Commented:
Many thanks
It is anyway a pitty : for each form, you have hundred of lines to go through

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