How is my site positioning itself when people are googling?

I want to find out how my site is positioning itself when people are searching for various keywords on Google, Yahoo!, Bing, etc. For example if someone is googling onlinebackup, is my site on the top 10 result? Are there any reporting tools that can investigate this?


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Matthew NguyenConnect With a Mentor Senior Associate: Social ListeningCommented:
From a free standpoint, I like using Rank Checker by, it's a browser add-on where you can input your domain and the keywords you are targeting and then reports back where your domain ranks for that keyword in Google, Bing and Yahoo.  It's also helpful that I can export the report into a CSV file so I can track the ranking over a period of time.  The downside to this tool is that if you are looking to track a lot of keywords, you have to input each keyword manually.

I am also a huge fan of the SEOmoz PRO where you can set up campaigns for your domain and track keywords, it does most of the reporting for me.  This is just one of the tools you get, you are also able to track your weekly crawls, on page analysis, you can track your competitors, etc.  The issue is this that the service costs a bit of money, $99/month for the lowest package.  I think it's well worth the money for the resources you get.  

Hope this helps
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