What defines the minimum width of an Access form?

Dear Experts

I am trying to get one of my forms to be just a bit narrower. It was quite happy at 20 cm wide but refuses to slim down to 19 cm (width reverts to 19.999 cm if I try to alter it).

None of the controls extends past 18 cm on the form.

Just offering 300 points initially as I suspect I am missing something dead obvious.

Hopeful Kiwi
Mark DalleyInformation AnalystAsked:
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peter57rConnect With a Mentor Commented:
"None of the controls extends past 18 cm on the form."

You must be missing something here.
Maybe there are horizontal lines that are not obvious in design view.
But there must be something.

You can change the form's auto-resize property to No and that will allow you to set the size narrower than the widest control - but you will get a scroll bar if you set it too narrow to show all controls.
Mark DalleyInformation AnalystAuthor Commented:
"You must be missing something here."

You are so right.

It was a text box with  back style and border style transparent, special effect sunken, making box and border completely invisible except when I highlighted the box in design view. Duh!

Must say it isn't intuitive that having a special effect set to sunken is what makes the border of the box invisible though.

Oh well - hopefully someone else will see this and not have to ask the same question!

Do you have any other thoughts before I hand out the points?

Hopeful Kiwi
peter57rConnect With a Mentor Commented:
When I have had this problem in the past I have dragged a 'marquee' selection using my mouse across all sections in what i consider to be the 'empty space'.  That has usually shown up the problem as the control handles become visible.
Mark DalleyInformation AnalystAuthor Commented:
Many thanks for catalyzing the solution
Dale FyeCommented:
The other way to find the offending control is to click and drag in the ruler section at the top of the form or report.  This will cause every object that is in the "selected" region of the form or report to be selected, and the bright orange is hard to miss.
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