SharePoint 3.0 (Guest/non-authenticated access)

I have a SharePoint server installed on a mesh network on a 2003 domain and access for all users is fine apart from a separate SBS2003 domain which I need to give users access to the SharePoint server. They will only need to read documents and will not be submitting any files. Is there a quick and easy way I can give assess to the non-authenticated users of the rouge domain so they can access to SharePoint?
Is it possible to add in the users to the domain with SharePoint with the same username and passwords?
Glyn MerrittIT Project ManagerAsked:
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Justin SmithConnect With a Mentor Sr. System EngineerCommented:
You can either set up a trust between the domains and modify your PeoplePicker to pull people from that domain.  Or you can open your site to Anonymous Access.

Glyn MerrittIT Project ManagerAuthor Commented:
Perfect thank you..
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